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      英語 ( 一 )( 二 ) 試卷結構

      單選 10 分 語法 詞匯

      完型填空 10 分 語法 詞匯

      閱讀 3 篇 30 分

      單詞 20 個 10 分

      語法填空 10 分

      中譯英 5 句 15 分

      英譯中 一段 15 分

      英語 ( 一 )( 二 ) 在語法要求上沒有太大的區別 . 英語 ( 二 ) 主要是詞匯和閱讀理解能力的加深

      英語 ( 一 ) 試卷結構 2003 年 4 月份

      單選完型 語法 12 分 詞匯 8 分

      語法填空 語法 10 分

      翻譯 語法 約 20 分 詞匯 約 10 分

      語法 42 分 詞匯 18 分

      閱讀 30 分 有一些題相對簡單

      單詞 10 分



      時態、語態、情態動詞、非謂語動詞 ( 不定式、動名詞、分詞 )

      并列句、復合句 ( 主從 , 賓從 , 表從 , 定從 , 狀從 , 同位從 )


      主謂 , 主謂狀 I study hard.

      情態動詞 + 實意動詞構成謂語 . I shall go.

      主謂賓 , 主謂介賓 I study English.

      I look at the blackboard.

      主系表 I am a student. The leaves turn red.

      主謂雙賓 I give him a present.

      主謂賓賓補 I let you do it.

      I ask you to do it.

      定 狀 語 A red book.

      Work hard.

      并 列 句 I worked and studied(x)

      I worked and he studied.


      (1) 賓語從句

      I study English. I think (that)… I think that she is a good student.

      I made it clear that he objected to the plan.

      I asked whether/if he was a good student.

      I don‘t know whether it is raining.

      I asked what he had studied. He gave me what I need.

      You are wrong in that you took effect for cause.


      That the sun moves around the earth is the truth.( it is the truth that……)

      Whether it is raining is not known.

      It is not known??computers will one day have vision as good as human vision.

      A.whether B. if C. that D. how

      It goes without saying that we are not living in a traditional society.

      Who will come to the meeting remains unknown.

      翻譯題 : In a sense, what he said amounts to threat.


      Your greatest fault is that you are careless.

      The problem is what we should

      d do to help him.


      We feel proud that our team has won every match this year.

      He wasn‘t sure whether he should stay or leave.

      Are you certain who he is


      (fact, news, idea, opinion, concern, hope, theory, decision, discovery, conclusion, report, order, question, problem, belief, truth, answer, statement, promise, possibility.)

      The news that he intended to come gave us much pleasure.



      When I studied, the bell rang.

      She was going upstairs when suddenly the light went out.

      He had no sooner died than / he had hardly died when the family arguments began.


      He live where he liked.


      He was late because he missed the bus.

      Now that you mention it, I do remember.

      I‘m in a slightly awkward position, in that my secretary is on holiday at that moment.


      We have so arranged matters that one of us is always on duty.

      Bring it closer so that I may see it better.


      He brought a big house so( that) he had more space to paint in.

      He made such a good speech that he won warm applause.

      翻譯題 :The brothers looks so alike that it is difficult to tell them each other


      If I make a promise, I keep it.

      I‘ll lend you the money , as/so long as you take my advice.

      These messages will become rubbish unless some measures have been taken.